Different Types of Villas and Apartments for Sale in Dubai

Different Types of Villas and Apartments for Sale in Dubai

The property market of Dubai is one of the best property markets in the world. Recently, it has also been found that there is always an increase in the demand for properties in Dubai. This is only because Dubai is fast emerging as one of the most well-structured and designed cities in the world. The strong economy and the massive development of the tourism industry are some of the main factors behind the vast popularity of Dubai properties.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Dubai Property Market

These are the factors that have also driven property investors from across the world towards investing in Dubai properties with the assurance of making sizeable profits on investments. The continuous flow of investments in the Dubai property market has made way for some of the most incredible developments in properties like The World, The Palm Islands, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Marina, Dubai Festival City, Arabian Ranches, Downtown Dubai and Business Bay.

Dubai Architecture
Property buyers from throughout the world are found getting attracted to the property market of Dubai because of the extraordinary architecture, unique construction and best quality.
Dubai Business
Since Dubai provides a very secure, safe and business-friendly environment, people from the business class and even the investors love doing business in Dubai.
Dubai Shopping
Every year, there are a large number of tourists visiting Dubai for many reasons such as business, education, work, sporting events, holidays and shopping.

Apartments available for Sale in Dubai

Among the many property options available in Dubai, apartments for sale in Dubai are in high demand. These are considered one of the most attractive options for the ones looking to invest in Dubai properties. Most property assignments taken up in Dubai provide Dubai apartments for sale featuring different room capacity and facilities.

It is only due to this reason that the tourism industry of this city is also progressing at a very fast pace.The apartments available for sale in Dubai are equipped with various facilities and amenities needed to live a comfortable and luxurious life. They are fully furnished and feature facilities like air conditioners, fitted wardrobes, master bed, internet broadband, cable TV, and kitchen with appliances, telephone, swimming pool and many more things.

Enticing Property Sales in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places where you can witness the future at present. Sandy white beaches, utterly ecstatic skyscrapers, beautiful climate and endless dining alternatives make this place a heaven for tourists and residents. Top notch development is going on in Dubai and, the development procedure is getting better with every passing year. This is good news for all those who are looking for properties in Dubai.

Best Properties Known in Dubai

When it comes to buying property, there is no other place better than Dubai. It is one of the best places for making property investments. Dubai contains one of the most diverse property portfolios within itself. The property portfolio of Dubai is a marvel in the world, for example, the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest construction in the world. Apart from this, there is The Dubai & Emirates Malls famous for being the largest malls in the world and the Burj ul Arab hotel which is the only 7-star hotel in the world. These are only some of the best property features that stand tall in the dynamic city of Dubai.

Features of Dubai Properties for Sale

Investors from throughout the world visit Dubai with the hopes of making good investments in Dubai property sales. These investors do not ever return empty-handed. Perhaps, almost every individual who invests in Dubai properties returns with some of the best success stories sufficient for inspiring others looking to make enough money through Dubai property investment. The investors are also found sharing their experience of making huge investments in one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Dubai boasts of massive property sales featuring innovative highlights and outstanding floor plans. These offer exclusive growth opportunities for people who look forward to investing in Dubai property. There are some of the best areas where investors can always look out for properties available for sale, and they are:

Dubai Marina

This is one of the most popular areas sought after by investors who are on the lookout of properties for sale in Dubai. Here, one can easily find a villa or an apartment for sale. People from across the world come to this place in their look out for a villa or apartment for sale.

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is reportedly one of the finest places for getting hold of the best properties for sale in Dubai. This area features the tallest structure in the world that is the Burj Khalifa and is therefore sought after by the investors. Read More At.:- http://www.dubaipropertysales.org

Selling your house to buy in Dubai

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Options fit for Dubai Expats in Buying Property

With the Freehold Decree, a legislation that allows expats to buy/sell and lease/rent property, leads Dubai to increase international investment which makes them a global hotpot when it comes to a real estate investment.

With the rising cost of rental in Dubai and a healthy property market that set to continue growing, buying property is becoming an increasingly attractive prospect for even for an expats. But, before jumping to a pool of interesting property, let us carefully consider the choice to take in order to avoid unwanted circumstances.

Let us unveil the choices available in buying Dubai properties as an expats. Considering the pros and cons with its requirements, let us distinguish the choices that will fit for your lifestyle.

  • Secondary market / Resale Property

Steps to undertake:

  1. Make a Memorandum of Understanding.

To purchase resale property in Dubai you must agree terms with the seller and record this in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This document will outline the terms, conditions and responsibilities of both parties, including the date of the final purchase. Nevertheless, it is not legally binding.

  1. Pay the initial deposit.

This is typically around 10% of the total purchase price. However, this deposit is normally non-refundable. You will also have to pay the real estate commission to your agent which is normally between 2% and 5% of the purchase price.

  1. Obtain the deeds.

As an expat you are required to pay 100% of the purchase price prior the transfer of deeds or alternatively whatever has been negotiated. To do this, you may need to attend an appointment at the Land Department and present all your documents. The buyer, real estate agent and bank representative that is financing the purchase are required to attend the meeting at the Land Department.

Documents required for the transfer of deeds:

  1. Letter from the transferor (seller)
  2. Original Title Deed
  3. Copies of the Passport, Family Book, and Emirates ID Card of the owner, or Commercial License of the company
  4. Administrative Approval (applying for a residence visa under Taskeen Program)

Fees to pay (either bank cheque or credit card):

  1. Map Issuance Fees (based on the type of real property)
  2. 250 Dirhams per Title Deed (£ 54.70)
  3. Knowledge Dirham Fee of 10 Dirhams (added to each fee) (£ 2.19)
  4. Innovation Dirham fees
  • Off-plan property

It is a purchasing option direct from a developer with an advantage of being an easy way but risky, takes time, has a complicated process and involves more financial expenses.

Steps to undertake:

  1. Submit an initial registration. Certificate is issued to indicate the sale process and the paid and pending amounts. The purpose of this registration is to safeguard the rights on owners and investors in case of re-sale.
  2. Submit a reservation form with passport. This reservation form typically summarizes the basic terms and conditions of the sales agreement, payment plan and buyer’s personal details.
  3. Make a Memorandum of Understanding.
  4. Pay the reservation deposit.

This is roughly between five and 15 percent or what has been otherwise stipulated. After the payment, formal sales and purchase agreement is drafted. You should also ensure that the deposits and payments you make are paid into a RERA-approved securities account. However you should expect to pay increments of 10% – 20% every three months until the project is completed. You will also be expected to pay a premium which is normally a percentage of the original price and a transfer fee.

  1. Make a purchase agreement.

If purchasing property that has yet to be completed from a developer, be sure the purchase agreement includes the completion date and the compensation awarded if the property is not completed by that time period. Furthermore, if the property is to be furnished, decide on an appropriate deadline for furnishing. The buyer’s bank will carry out a valuation procedure to inspect the property and ensure that it is secure enough. Once the buyer receives the final approval, the seller will apply for the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer.

  • When all processes have been registered, the buyer needs to pay 2% and 315 Dirham to the DLD, along with the purchase price, to the seller and the commissioner to the agent
  1. Obtain the deeds.
  2. Inspect the property and highlight any final issues.
  • ‘Leasehold’

This is the means for an expat to own property in non-designated areas but has freehold rights. Long leases in areas other than those designated cannot be registered at the Land Department by foreigners under the new Law. However despite this, these leases remain as personal rights and are legal. As far as residency is concerned, you do not need to be a resident to buy freehold property as it could be your holiday home. Developers offer visas with property purchase where buyers are entitled to a six-month multiple entry visa. According to Gulf News, a recent cabinet decision entitles foreign property owners to a three-year residence visa if they buy a property worth 1 million Dirham or more, however this is not yet a law.

Steps to undertake:

  1. Pay an option fee

The option fee is the upfront “consideration” that is necessary to make the contract binding.

  1. Sign the contract.

Sign the contract only once you are sure you understand all the terms of the agreement and you agree with them. This contract will be an addendum to a regular sale contract.

  1. Make monthly payments.

In many cases, however, a portion of the monthly payment will be designated as option money. This money will go toward the purchase of the home if you decide to your option to buy. However, the option money will generally be above the fair rental value.

Asset protection that every property investor should consider


Asset protection seems to be a recurring topic to crop up even when we don’t want to or even when we brush it off. So let’s delve deeper to the factors that we must consider when dealing with asset protection and what are the possible choices to take.

Personal Will

This is for those who want to control who gets what and not leave it to the government or the courts.

Let us remember that a will can only be activated after death. So with this premise, you should also consider writing up an Enduring Power of Attorney which identifies someone to make decisions for them if they are incapacitated (still alive but maybe in a coma or mentally ill). This type of document can also include what medical treatment you want and who will make these decisions.

Binding Death Nomination

This is applicable to an assets that does not belong in your name. These principally include your superannuation and Assets in a Trust.

Typically it directs the super assets to go to your estate and be handled via your will or to go to people/s direct. You can even keep the funds within Super for someone else’s benefit. Without a BDN the superfund trustee has the authority to distribute as they please within limitations like your estate or to dependents.

Care is needed as many BDNs can be easily overturned by the courts if someone objects that they did not get something or enough. Also note that divorce or marriage does not necessarily delete the operation of a BDN.

There are also tax implications depending on who Super money is distributed to on your death bag money coin deposit saving save house property tax. Your spouse or financial dependents receive monies tax free but non tax dependents such as adult children may have to pay some tax on some of the distribution.

Binding Death Nomination Video Explanation

Memorandum of wishes

This is for assets in a trust you need to pass control over to someone. Control comes from the position of an appointor of the trust and a Memorandum of wishes should be prepared identifying who will become appointor on your death. If you have a company as trustee then the shares (estate assets) in that company will need to be distributed on your death.

The new appointor can then decide to keep that company as trustee and if they are also the shareholder (your will passed the shares to them) they can then appoint themselves as directors. In this scenario legal title of assets held by the trust e.g. a property does not change and so it can be much easier managed on your death.

It is important to consider all these options before you start your journey into property investment. When you are ready please get in touch with us where we can help you find the property investment of your dreams.…

Ultimate Destination for Best Property Sales in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most beautiful places in the world attracting a large number of tourists from different countries. Admired for Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and various other exciting places for the tourists, Dubai is a must-visit place. Dubai is not only a delightful destination for the vacationers, but it also serves as the centre of attraction for property investors and businessmen. The city is one of the most important business hubs in the Middle East. It is also one of the most preferred locations for making property investments. There are a large number of people who are not only interested in purchasing residential and commercial properties in Dubai, but they are also keen on investing in Dubai properties for reaping future benefits.

Business Bay- The Best Location for Finding Dubai Property Sales

One of the most popular and sought-after destinations in Dubai, where one can look for the best properties for sale is Business Bay. Business Bay is a development in Dubai consisting of over 240 buildings. This area is a hot favourite amongst property investors. The area provides a broad range of comfortable and luxurious residential and commercial properties for sale. The domestic and commercial properties available in Business Bay area flaunt some of the best contemporary amenities. It is to be noted that the Business Bay area is one of the fastest developing regions in Dubai. Newer projects like Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City have not been able to reduce the fame and the status of Business Bay.

Property Projects in Business Bay Area

Business Bay provides unlimited choice when it comes to offering properties for sale to prospective residents and investors. The area possesses the most contemporary and probably the best properties. Al Boraq Tower, The Atria, B2B Tower, Fifty One @ Business Bay, Lake Central, the Aspect Tower, Empire Heights, Bay Square, Fortune Bay, Mayfair Tower and Bay Gate are some of the most tantalising property projects in this area.

The Amenities

The Business Bay area offers some of the most scintillating and luxurious properties for sale in Dubai. These properties further provide top-notch living facilities. The area is very well-connected to the other parts of Dubai and is therefore considered one of the best choices for property investors. Properties in this region offer sufficient parking space and people also have easy access to cabs and underground rail. Residential units in this area offer various services like gym, swimming pool, health club, and play area for children and many outdoor and indoor leisure facilities. Read More At.:- www.dubaipropertysales.org